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The Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies (MCUTS) is a non-denominational educational institution formed in 2000 through the collaborative effort of the Memphis Leadership Foundation, Neighborhood Christian Centers, Hope Christian Community Foundation, Second Presbyterian Church and Hope Presbyterian Church.

As stated by Dr. Larry Lloyd, one of the founders of MCUTS, current president of resource and program development of Memphis Leadership Foundation and MCUTS adjunct professor, “MCUTS was created to offer an opportunity for urban pastors and ministers in our city who have not had the opportunity to access biblical studies at an undergraduate or master’s level. Our vision is to make such education affordable, accessible and relevant to the urban context. We are excited about MCUTS and its vision and really believe this is a strategic program for Memphis.”

Who can deny the pressing needs which confront every urban landscape? The ravages of secularism, a de-emphasis on biblical morality along with the bitter pill of theological relativism too often relegate the church to the sideline of public policy debate. Obviously, the cure must be the winsome application of the whole counsel of God applied to every area of life in every neighborhood.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testament asks in Romans 10, “How shall they call on him who they have not believed? And how may they hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” MCUTS adds to those questions, “What shall they preach unless they are instructed?” It is for this purpose that God has prospered MCUTS. We are preparing the people of God to share the liberating message of Jesus the Savior.

We pray with anticipation that the greater Memphis metropolitan area may become more known for God and His glory than for the great music and food. Do you dare to dream such big dreams with us and pray to that glorious end? The Word of God anticipates a day when the knowledge of God shall fill the earth and all shall proclaim that Jesus has done it.