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Student Complaint Policy and Procedures


LBC is committed to respecting all members of our college community and providing a quality educational experience for all students. The objective of our Student Complaint Policy and Procedures is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of all our students are addressed fairly and are resolved promptly. Complaints related to this policy are usually the result of behavior that the student feels is unjust, inequitable, or creates an unnecessary hardship.

You may find the college’s policy and procedures as presented here and below in its current Academic Brochure. If there is a question regarding how to lodge a complaint and/or appeal, students should contact the Dean of Students office. After consulting with the student, the Dean of Students or representative will direct the student to the most appropriate procedure.

An important complaint policy not governed by this document pertains to incidents of sexual, racial, and other harassment; hate crimes; or bias-related behaviors. To file such complaints the student must contact the Dean of Students office.


Whenever possible, students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty, staff, or individual(s) involved. Often a complaint can be resolved in this way.

Any time there is a misunderstanding between a student and a staff member or between a student and an instructor, or when a student feels he or she is not being treated fairly by an instructor, the student should follow the appeal process outlined below. These steps are in keeping with the general principles set forth in Matthew 18.

  1. Talk with the staff member or instructor to reach a mutual understanding about the differences and to come to terms to resolve the issue. If this does not produce a satisfactory solution to the problem, then;
  2. Submit (in writing) your grievance to the Academic Dean for consideration. The grievance must identify the specific reason(s) for the grievance as well as any other information that would help the Academic Dean to understand the situation and determine how to rule on the grievance. The Academic Dean’s ruling on the matter is final.

Do not hesitate to follow these steps in the appeal process. Likewise, in the spirit of unity of the brethren, do not attempt to sidestep any of the steps during your appeal process.

Any time there is a misunderstanding or disagreement between students which cannot be resolved between those individuals themselves, the student should use the following procedure.

  1. Submit (in writing) your grievance to the Dean of Students office. It should contain (at a minimum) the date and time of the alleged conflict or action, the reason(s) for the complaint, a summary of the complaint, a list of other persons who may provide information and any appropriate documentation. The student must also include the resolution or outcome he or she is seeking. The complaint must be submitted within ten (10) business days of the alleged conflict or action.
  2. Upon receipt of the written complaint, a conference will take place with the student and the Dean of Students.
  3. The Dean of Students will notify appropriate persons and request any information or documentation needed to resolve the complaint.
  4. The Dean of Students may attempt to resolve the complaint by encouraging discussion between the students or by taking the appropriate action to resolve the complaint.
  5. All relative documentation and possible outcomes must be submitted by the student or other appropriate persons within ten (10) business days of the date the complaint is filed.
  6. When possible, the final resolution (or a finding of “unresolved”) will be filed in the Dean of Students office within fifteen (15) business days of the date the complaint is filed. If there are circumstances requiring an extension of this deadline, the Dean of Students member assigned to the complaint will notify the parties involved.
  7. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, a committee of the Academic Dean, Registrar, and Dean of Students will review the information and recommend a course of action to the President. The decision of the President will be final.



A record of all written complaints and their resolution will be documented and the records will be kept in the Dean of Students office.

Escalating Appeals

Students who wish to appeal any decision or action of the college should write out their grievances and present them to the Dean of Students at her office on the college campus located at 1548 Poplar Avenue; Memphis, TN 38104; or emailed to her at ssmith@mcuts.org.

Student grievances can be escalated to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission if not satisfactorily resolved on the institutional level. If a student wishes to escalate a complaint ruled on at the institutional level, the student may contact the Tennessee Higher Education Commission; 404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1900; Nashville, TN 37243-0830. Telephone (615) 741-3605.