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Certificate in Community Transformation – Credit and Cost


The Certificate in Community Transformation is 12-18 credit hours offered at the college level. Those who complete the full 18 hour version will choose a particular ministry skill course (i.e., job training, financial literacy, etc) and complete an internship in the community applying that skill in addition to the 12 hour core.

Students who take the Certificate as continuing education training, rather than as part of an undergraduate degree at MCUTS@LBC, will pay the training fee rather than full college tuition and will also not receive college credit. However, students who later enroll at MCUTS@LBC as degree-seeking students after completing the Certificate as continuing education may receive 12-18 hours of college credit through the Credit for Prior Learning program.


Students enrolled in the Certificate program for continuing-education training pay:

Per Course $500
12 Hour Certificate $2,000
18 Hour Certificate $3,000

Scholarships are available based on need or for organizations sending multiple students.

The Certificate can also be taken as a Concentration while earning a 4 year undergraduate degree at MCUTS. Students who choose this route pay normal MCUTS tuition for the Concentration courses.


Classes occur on Thursday evenings from 6-10 p.m. Each class meets 5 times.

Students may enroll in the Certificate in Community Transformation throughout the year. Students who enroll in the Fall will be able to complete the Certificate in 9-12 months.


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