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Credit for Prior Learning

Turn your prior learning experiences into college credit

After you have enrolled as a student, you may apply for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from your life experiences, thus earning additional semester hours. Students may earn up to 30 tuition free credits through our CPL evaluation process for which there is an administrative fee of $300.

Prior learning credit must:

  • Be for documented learning, not just experience or exposure;
  • Be college-level learning;
  • Not have resulted in college credit previously.

Documentation must be provided to verify each life experience. This could be in the form of copies of certificates, letters of reference, essays, etc.

As explained in the Handbook, an electronic version of the CPL Application must be completed during the first session of any Fall, Spring, or Summer term of enrollment. Required documentation must be submitted electronically during the second session of the same term. Notification of how many credit hours you have earned will be provided during the third session.

NOTE: Application to the CPL process does not guarantee credits will be awarded. Credits granted by Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies at Lancaster Bible College may not transfer to other academic institutions.

Email us about any questions you may have using the form below.

Links to Resources

CPL Application (Click here to access the CPL Application)

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