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Research/Writing Resources

Urban ministry resources

  • Google Scholar • An excellent resource for searching scholarly literature. Unlike a general Google search, Google Scholar searches only legal and academic literature.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab • The Purdue OWL offers guidance on writing in general, but it is especially useful for guidance on APA citations.

Comprehensive Course Materials

  • The Saylor Foundation • The Saylor foundation offers free (noncredit) courses in most fields of study (math, English, science, etc.). Registration is not required to access Saylor’s resources (practice worksheets, videos, essays, articles, and other helpful links).
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware • MIT Open Courseware provides free access to resources from thousands of MIT courses, including material from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Career Resources

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics — Occupational Outlook Handbook • The OOH offers comprehensive career and salary information, including projections in hiring trends through 2020. This resource is helpful if you are considering a career change or want to know more about a particular field of employment.

Mathematics Resources

  • Khan Academy • Kahn Academy offers free online videos primarily in quantitative fields (math, economics, finance, etc.). The videos are approximately 10 minutes each and are streamed via YouTube. Khan Academy is particularly helpful for students in MAT 140 and 141.
  • Purple Math • Purple Math includes free text-based lessons on a variety of Algebra topics.

Free Basic Computer Courses

  • The central library on Poplar offers free basic computer classes to adults. The largest population who attend the classes are senior citizens but they are open to everyone. There are 12 seats available on a first come, first serve basis. They teach skills such as how to start a Microsoft Word document, how to type in website addresses, Internet basic class, email basic class, etc. The classes are not consecutive, they are indiviual classes but they allow people to sign up for how many you would like to take. This is the number the students will need to call in order to register for the classes (901) 415-2723. The website includes a comprehensive list of classes offered throughout the week; the day and time varies.

Theological Resources

  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary • Listen to lectures from world-renowned professors such as Dr. Scott Haffeman, Dr. David Wells, and Dr. Douglas Stuart among others.
  • Third Millenium Ministries • Third Millenium is a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to equip church leaders in their own lands by creating a multimedia seminary curriculum in five major languages.
  • Downline Ministries • Downline is a ministry that exists to equip and unleash Christians in the area of disciple making. One of the great tragedies in our day is that tens of thousands of Christians sit in churches week after week without Christ’s vision and strategy for impacting the globe. Downline seeks to come alongside churches and aid them in the training and equipping of that army to march. ONE of the avenues through which DL accomplishes its mission is a nine-month intensive training program for clergy and lay leadership called the Downline Institute.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library • CCEL offers a wide vareity of classic Christian literature on theology, biblical studies, and church history. CCEL features works from Augustine, Irenaeus, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards, among others. CCEL also includes confessions, catechisms and creeds, such as the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Nicene Creed.
  • Covenant Theological Seminary • CTS offers several online lectures in theology, biblical studies, ministry and other field of Christian studies. Students are required to sign up, but there is no charge.
  • Reformed Theological Semimary • RTS offers online course materials available for download via iTunes. An iTunes account (free to create) is required.