Bachelor of Arts in Bible

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Bible degree is to equip Christians to serve Christ and His church effectively for various ministry roles such as pastoral ministry, preaching, missions and lay ministry. Students participate in courses in liberal arts, bible, theological and ministry studies. The Bachelor of Arts in Bible Degree program is 120 credit hours. Graduates prepared for further study at the graduate level toward enrollment in Master's program in professional ministry. Students who previously complete coursework in Certificate or Associate of Bible degree programs may apply those credits toward this degree.

Degree Requirements 120 hours
Bible and Theology

Complete a minimum of 30 semester credits in Bible & Theology. Transfer students who bring in
30 or more Bible and Theology credits, will still be required to complete two additional
Bible/Theology courses through LBC@MCUTS.

30 hours
General Education

Complete 42 credits in general education (Arts & Sciences), as follows:

  • Language Arts (6)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Literature (3)
  • Mathematics (3)
  • Philosophy (3)
  • Science (3)
  • History or Political Science (3)
  • Social Sciences (3)
  • Electives (15)
42 hours

Complete 48 semester hours of electives for any subject area.

48 hours

Associate of Arts in Bible

The Associate of Science in Bible degree provides students with ministry experience who want additional biblical and theological study plus a specific concentration area. The Associate degree uses an interdisciplinary approach so that students can design a course of study that corresponds to their academic interests and ministry preparation. The Associate of Arts in Bible is 61 credit hours. Students who previously completed coursework in the Certificate of Bible program may apply those credits toward this degree.

• BIB 103 Creation & Covenants: OT I 3 credit hours
• BIB 104 Israel’s Life and Literature: OT II 3credit hours
• BIB 105 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 credit hours
• BIB 203 Life of Christ: NT I 3 credit hours
• BIB 204 Early Church: NT II 3 credit hours
• HIS _____HIS Core 3 credit hours
• LBC 101 Engaging Faith & Life 3 credit hours
• LAN 101 English Composition 3 credit hours
• LAN 104 Public Speaking 3 credit hours
• LIT ______Lit Core 3 credit hours
• MAT______MAT Core 3 credit hours
• PHE Elective 1 credit hour
• SCI____SCI Core 3 credit hours
• SOC 101 General Psychology 3 credit hours
• THE 105 Prelude to Bible & Theological Studies 3 credit hours
• THE 223 Christian Narrative I 3 credit hours
• THE 224 Christian Narrative II 3 credit hours
• Electives 12 Credit Hours


A 2nd degree can be earned through LBC@MCUTS by students who hold a Bachelor’s degree in another field of study. A Bachelor of Arts in Bible can be earned as a 2nd degree by completing 30 credit hours in Bible and Theology.