Why Give to MCUTS?

MCUTS is not just an educational institution it is an organization committed to transforming lives who transform communities. We believe that through the power of an education men and women coming out of lower income communities or desiring to work in lower income communities in Memphis can make an impact on poverty, crime, economic disparity, educational inequality, and neighborhood blight. We believe that those who will solve the problems of the inner city are current residence of the inner city and that those who want to leave the suburbs to minister to the urban poor should be educated side by side with those they hope to serve. MCUTS believes that because the inner city church has historically been the hub of community within inner city urban neighborhoods that it is also the most natural place for transformation to begin. When you give to MCUTS you are helping to train leaders in the church to impact their churches and their communities with the love of Christ. When you give to MCUTS you helping elevate men and women who simply need to chance to be part of a rigorous, innovate, real world focused higher education experience.

Your gift will:

  1. Help MCUTS achieve independent accreditation apart from partnerships so that we can contextualize our curriculum to the needs of students in urban contexts in Memphis and around the world.
  2. Help our students receive an education without going into crushing debt.
  3. Help rebuild student lives and the lives of their families.
  4. Create a space in Christian Higher Education that is not stuck on traditional models of theological education but places a focus on education that integrates faith with all areas of life and that seeks biblical answers to real world problems both in the church and in the community.
  5. Your gift will send the message that business as usual in Christian education is no longer acceptable.

Our Mission Statement says it all:

Everything MCUTS does is designed to improve social and missional outcomes in lower income communities by providing students with an urban focused, community centered, biblical education. By breaking down silos that exist in Christian Higher Education we will create a community where students learn to better communicate, have the freedom to think deeply, and develop applicable real world tools for church and community transformation. All will providing an affordable, accessible, and accredited education.

MCUTS exists to provide quality, accredited, affordable and accessible education to students interested in the transformation of churches and communities through the love of Christ. Through educating leaders in lower income neighborhoods, as well as educating those wishing to serve those neighborhoods, MCUTS transforms lives who transform communities.